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Data Strategy 101

Getting started with data strategy?
Our academy helps you go from gut feeling to data-driven.

5 parts: 20- 30 min
1.1 Make your strategy measurable

panorama_fish_eye What are OKRs?
panorama_fish_eye How to define a good OKR?
panorama_fish_eye Adding your first OKR
panorama_fish_eye Updating your OKRs
panorama_fish_eye Tracking your OKRs

5 parts: 20- 30 min
1.1 How to track your operations

panorama_fish_eye What are KPIs?
panorama_fish_eye How to define a good KPI?
panorama_fish_eye Adding your first KPI
panorama_fish_eye Updating your KPIs
panorama_fish_eye Tracking your KPIs

Get Started With Data Strategy

Straightforward process

Make your Strategy measurable

By following our step by step process will help you create a strong foundation to support all the efforts necessary to become data-driven.
Data driven framework step by step
Business notification system

Automated Reports and Notifications

The information you need when you need

It's impossible to keep track of everything happening in an organization. Using anomaly detection, our system finds and exposes irregular patterns in your data and automatically sends you a report.

Smart Recommendations

Look above the noise

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence can be overwhelming. Our team of data strategists is building a system that tracks your progress and gives you the right recommendations at the right time for you. No more noise and unnecessary information.
Business recommendations page

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Best data solutions Academy

Designed in cooperation with real data strategists, the academy is helpful for companies in all stages.

Company strategy and coaching Coaching packages

Take your data strategy to the next level by getting together with our experts in data strategy.

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